As a chartered British Architect living in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, i am a passionate & enthusiastic architectural 
designer with over 16 years of studio & on-site experience, having spent many years working with motivated 
& dynamic individuals within the industry to design detailed projects, delivered on time, to the highest achievable 
standards & within budget.

my formative years in architecture lay heavily within the health and palliative care design sector where carefully designed spaces for the seriously ill were greatly dependent on the inclusion of appropriate design to ensure the creation of occupant comfort and safety. since working in sydney i‘ve had the opportunity to work on many private residential & multi residential projects across many of sydney’s suburbs.

i firmly believe that an analytical process including site, context and the bespoke ergonomic requirements of inhabitants helps to shape designs to best meet each specific clients needs. by providing spaces that fit the individual whilst enhancing their experience via the use of increased natural light, external views and where possible connecting the interior with the exterior realms.

With a passion for environmental & sustainable design such as ‘Passiv haus’ & low energy design principles and by 
integrating these into the very core of each project, i feel we can create sustainable and efficient buildings that 
improve comfort and reduce living costs effectively.

through appropriate design I strive to create a product that achieves beauty in both its function & form.

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